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Are you searching for the perfect ‘bag’ you can use for outdoor activities or other daily routines such as work or school? Then you are at the right Manhattan clothing store website.I have created a unique vest– the Delta1 Saddle V– which works as a bag and is perfectly fitted on the dominant side of the body to ensure equal distribution of weight. This vest/bag can be used by anybody for anything, as a school bag for your children or an outdoor gear for activities like hiking, mountain climbing, jogging, long distance running, canoeing, and motorcycling. It comes with waterproof materials and seven useful pockets so that you will not run out of essential space to store valuable things in.

I am Dilgilio Rodriguez, and I am very proud of this product, the Delta1 Saddle V. I have given 100% of my time and effort in perfecting this product so that I can share it with you and make the most of it. I am a very proud to say that the Delta1 Saddle V is manufactured in the USA, ensuring you that all materials used are of the highest quality possible. I use my vest all the time, and I hope that you enjoy and benefit from it as much as I do.

Thank you for your support in making my dream come true!


Design Features


The Delta1 Saddle V LLC is canvas and measures 24” long by 7” wide. It fits over the left or right shoulder and is secred to the torso via two horizontal, adjustable combat straps with plastic or clip locks. The top front includes a 4“wide space for a company name patch attached via hook-and-loop fasteners, a pocket for keys, and a 4” by 6” pocket for a walkie-talkie or radio. The Delta1 Saddle V LLC also includes a spider-net pocket for small tools, such as a stomper or listing file. A zipper pocket for holding loose documents is located on the side of the vest, and a pocket for miscellaneous items is included on the inside of the vest. “Security” is printed vertically on the vest in 3” high letters. The vest can be produced to include two belt holder straps.


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