Delta1 Saddle Vest

Outstanding Manhattan Shirt Company

Hi. I’m Dilgilio Rodriguez, president of Delta1 Saddle V, LLC. I was born and raised in the greatest city in the world—New York City. I’m a 10 year veteran of the Navy who finished his career with M.I.U. Now I would like to introduce you to the Delta1 Saddle Vest (Delta1 Saddle V LLC), a unique vest I created to wear on the dominant side of the body.

I originally designed Delta1 Saddle V LLC with fascinating, unique, specialized pockets, but then realized that I would be taking away from the fashion industry, so I decided to go with regular pockets in multiple colors. Delta1 Saddle V LLC can be used by kids as a school bag and by grown-ups for hiking, mountain climbing, jogging, long distance running, canoeing and motorcycling. Delta1 Saddle V LLC is also great for messengers and much more. It is made with a unique waterproof material that comes with seven pockets—six exposed and one concealed. The Delta1 Saddle V LLC also comes with two-inch tactical belts that wrap around the torso, five quick-release fasteners for easy removal, and a design that allows you to distribute weight evenly across your body. Delta1 Saddle V LLC also comes with a hook-and-loop liner on each side to attach company logo patches.

I feel very good about this product because I have given it 100% of my time and effort. Most importantly, I am proud to tell you that the Delta1 Saddle V LLC is manufactured in the USA. I use my vest all of the time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thank you for your support in making my dream come true!