The Last City Cowboy


The Last City Cowboy country singer, writer, fighter and producer. Born in the hard streets of the Grand Concourse Bronx, New York. Top questions most people ask is How, when, where, and why. I got to experience and live in the wonderful state of Louisiana and within those 2 years country music became a part of my life. The Last City Cowboy is now starting to grow and become recognized. Much of the music that I have written plays 24/7 on Jango internet radio. My music videos can also be viewed and enjoyed on YOUTUBE. I’m now getting ready to release my first animated music video on the Last City Cowboy and first book. It’s a long ride to success but I will not stop until everybody knows who the Last City Cowboy is.

             The commando tactical bags are my design products which I engineered. Well suited for the dominated side of the body and craftily made for the punishment it absorbs when engaging in the worst case scenarios.